"We embark on this journey from the mythical musical shores of Pontos (Black Sea), the land of the Amazons where Jason and the Argonauts journeyed in quest of the Golden Fleece, with the aim of reaching the hearts of our audiences. Drawing on the unique sonic character of each instrument in our band and on the tradition each one represents, we build a distinctive sound that keeps evolving into new avenues."

"Argateia" means collaboration and solidarity between people. It was the practice of mutual exchange of free work among Greek farmers in Pontos (Black Sea). Though not practiced in Greece anymore, this social form is still alive among the Pontic-Greek speakers of contemporary Pontos in the eastern Black Sea shores of Turkey. Echoes of the spirit of Argateia can still be heard in our folk songs, despite decades of superficial “modernization”.


Our musical Argateia aims at creating solidarity bonds among people and to remind us the importance of arts and collective action in times of crisis. The Pontic-Greek music is a very special form of music art with unique sonic, lyrical, rhythmic and emotional features. We are inspired by the centuries old musical sounds of Pontic-Greek music masters as well as by contemporary creations.


Our love for the dialectic Greek folk songs, our deep belief in their promising future and our experimental spirit, are our guides in our fascinating musical exploration.Our repertoire is constantly renewed not only by new songs but also with new instruments, ideas and collaborations. Our band performs songs mainly in Pontic-Greek, a dialect of Greek that combines elements from classical and medieval Greek. We also present songs in languages and by people who lived or still live around the shores of the Black Sea such as Armenian, Laz, Turkish, Georgian and Bulgarian.




Philipps Kesapidis
pontian lyra

Philippos Kesapidis was born in Germany in August 1972. Since 1978 he has returned to Greece and specifically to Thessaloniki where he lives and works until today. At the age of ten he began his work with Pontic music. He participates very early as a lyra player in the dance and music departments of the Akrites of Pontos club of Stavroupoli and takes part in performances both inside and outside Greece...

Stella Kampouridou

Stella Kampouridou was born in Katerini in 1990. In 2012 she completed her studies in the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, in the major of Greek Traditional (Folk) Music, with specialization in “Performance in caval”, with professor Manos Ahalinotopoulos. The same year she started postgraduate studies in the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with caval professor Lyuben Dossev and she completed them a year after...

Thanasis Koulentianos

He was born in Athens in 1982. When he was 13 years old started playing the kanun and by the age of 15 won a special discrimination and the first prize in the first and second music contest for students from all the country respectively. Then he started working as a professional musician.

He has collaborated with significant Greek singers of folk and traditional music (Eleni Vitali, Glykeria, George Dalaras, Chronis Aidonodis, Giannis Papakostas, Domna Samiou and others)...

Yannis Karakalpakidis

Yannis Karakalpakidis was born in Ptolemaida, Greece. At the age of 10 he started classical guitar lesoons at the Varvoutio Municipal Conservatory of Ptolemaida and he was very much involved in Greek traditional music by playing the violin, the bass and the lute as well. He continued his studies in the Traditional Music Department at the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus in Arta, specializing in the traditional violin...

Christos Tasios

Christos Tasios was born in Serres in 1976. His debut with music began at the age of 8, participating in the philharmonic of the municipality of N. Petritsi, playing percussion instruments. Later, at age 16, he attended the Serres conservatory undertaking classical studies and piano.

Percussion instruments have always been the subject of his personal study. He was taught alongside Kostas Anastasiadis and Stefanos Agiopoulos...

Onur Senturk
pontian lyra, tulum, baglama

He was born in 1984 in Rize. He has started his music career by playing bağlama(Saz) in high school. In 2002, he was admitted to the Physics Department of Middle East Technical University (METU). In his undergraduate years, he was interested in traditional Black Sea Music and he started to play tulum and kemenche. In these years, music dominated his life and he decided to change his career...

Elsa Mouratidou

She was born and raised in Thessaloniki. As a student she attended music theory and piano classes at the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki. At a very young age, she became a member of Aghia Triada Children Choir, which had a great impact on her future career. After completing her studies at Democritus University of Thrace, she got a BA in Greek Literature. She continued her studies in Phonetics, attending modern singing classes with Eleni Mihalopoulou...

Kostas Kalousis

Kostas Kalousis was born in 1991 in Thessaloniki. His passion for pontian music triggered his interest, leading him to learn how to play the kemenche and to follow a singing career from an early age. He has studied Mathematics at the University of Ioannina. In parallel, he has been working as a professional singer of pontian music in balls, concerts and discographies...


Κυριακή 21 Ιανουαρίου, Ποντιακός Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Σιταγρών Δράμας (Αίθουσα Πολλαπλών Εκδηλώσεων)

Τρίτη 6 Μαρτίου, Mediterranean Music Festival, ONO Theater, Βέρνη, Ελβετία

Τετάρτη 7 Μαρτίου, Mediterranean Music Festival, Theater Stok, Ζυρίχη, Ελβετία


Φίλιππος Κεσαπίδης 


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